Biophysics Networking Symposium in Chicago

Sept 6, 2019

Thanks for joining us and making this event huge success ! See you next year !


Event Brochure

The event is FREE! 

Registration for the event is closed. 


Connect and Present 

Opportunities for students and post docs to present their posters are available. This event aims to bring Chicago Biophysics Community together and sponsored by BPS.


University of Illinois at Chicago 

Cardinal Room, Student Center East

750 South Halsted (M/C 117), Chicago IL, 60607

This Biophysics Networking event is scheduled for Sept 6th, 2019. Please mark your calendar in advance to not miss this great opportunity.

For flyer, click here. Follow us on Facebook.

The event is posted on BPS website.

845 W Taylor Street, Chicago 60607 Illinois
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